The scariest toys

The scariest toys

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Our childhood memories are inextricably linked with toys. When the children buy a toy they like, they do not let anyone near it for weeks.

Manufacturers produce toys for every taste, the main thing is to please the baby. It's easier not even to figure out what they give the child, but to immediately ban them.

A gun with a Teddy bear. Teddy bear is a fairly popular toy, and who among the boys will deny himself the pleasure of shooting a gun. But this gun is intended exclusively for soft toy shooting. Usually people hunt bears, but hunt someone with bears is rather strange. One Japanese man invented such a toy. Just what can children learn by shooting bears with a gun? Oddly enough, this item is sold as a toy.

Amputee dolls. Manufacturers sometimes try to teach children from infancy to the bitterness of adulthood. So, dolls that do not have legs appeared on sale. Children 4 years old are encouraged to learn more about amputated limbs. The toy offers to attach prostheses to the body of the unfortunate girl, to provide her with crutches. People with such a problem really need help and sympathy, but is it necessary to plunge children into this issue? After all, amputated limbs cannot be considered funny toys to be carried with.

Shaving a child. And this toy is trying to prepare the child for adulthood. The manufacturer considered it necessary to introduce the baby to the techniques of shaving. But who in their right mind would buy a hairy doll for a child? In addition, her vegetation is distributed throughout her body. And giving a child a sharp shaving object is also quite dangerous.

Monkey from Toy Story 3. Usually children love monkeys. But this character from the famous Pixar cartoon came out pretty scary. The manufacturer was let down by a sense of humor. The monkey got big bulging eyes and a vicious expression. It's scary to look at her, not just to play. But she is the character of the famous cartoon, which determined her sales.

Figurine "Dexter". And this character came from television. Meet "Dexter", the blood splatter specialist and also the killer maniac. His figurine is made with high quality, but will such a toy be useful for children? Together with Dexter, the set includes a knife for butchering corpses and a glass for collecting a blood sample. What parent can reward their child with such fun? But if you remove the blood and the knife, and the toy could become really popular, because the TV series is so popular.

Food chain "Friends". Toys teach children to be friends. But is it really possible to talk about this in terms of the food chain. How can you make friends with the one you eat and the one who eats you? The manufacturer of this toy believes this is possible. But this notion of friendship can give a child a wrong notion of life. The toy is a chain of "friends" who eat each other.

Stripper pole. Would you like your little one to get ready for a fun male life? Buy him this toy. She is a pole for a stripper. There is even fake money to reward the dancer. But the doll will have to be selected separately. Perhaps caring parents want to prepare their children in the financial crisis for such a profession?

Pregnant Barbie doll. Since its inception, the Barbie doll has become very popular. The manufacturer allowed her to master many professions, awarded her with a house, a car and even a boyfriend. But this version of the world famous doll is more frightening than entertaining. The adults decided to make Barbie a mother. She was released pregnant, with a big belly. At the same time, a small baby is shown inside the Barbie. And even upside down. But will 5-6 year old children like such a sight? But the set includes robes for a noticeably plump beauty. If other Barbie options really came out cool, then this time the manufacturer has outdone himself and even too much.

Pee and Poo. This is what happens when creative ideas come into the world of children's toys. Created characters named Pee and Poo with a master's degree in graphic design from Emma Maggit. This toy will hardly allow you to learn how to design beautiful things. After all, who wants to play with the waste of their body? I wonder what the adults were thinking when launching such a brand? Are there any children who would like to make such "friends"?

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