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Meaning of the name

Snezhana means "snowy" in Bulgarian.


Baby Snezhana is extremely receptive and sensitive, her emotional balance is fragile and unreliable, like a snowflake: one careless movement or word is enough, she will melt ... and now tears glisten in the little girl's eyes.

Snezhana feels a lack of attention and sensitivity on the part of her parents very sharply, so the parents will have to make a lot of effort, show restraint and tact, raising their daughter, since at the slightest pressure, shout or rudeness, she withdraws into herself or makes a tantrum.

At school, Snezhana studies averagely, a lot depends on which teacher teaches her. If it is a tactful teacher, Snezhana's success will be simply amazing. She comprehends much worse the subject taught by a person who prefers an authoritarian style in communicating with students.

Snezhana is a typical introvert, uncommunicative and secretive, but always ready to help, disinterested. He is respected by his classmates.

Adult Snezhana changes little, she is just as reluctant to show her thoughts and feelings in front of others, secretive, very self-confident and calculating. She is extremely punctual, decent and obligatory.

Born in winter, Snezhana is the most balanced, internally calm and collected. She is energetic, succeeds everywhere and gives little to the influence of others. He is rapidly moving up the career ladder, but usually does not occupy leading positions, preferring secondary roles.

Most often, Snezhana chooses the profession of a teacher, administrator, secretary-assistant, can work in a beauty salon as a masseuse or cosmetologist, and since she has good taste and a sense of proportion, she simply has no equal in this type of activity.


Snezhana is very beautiful, she never makes mistakes when choosing accessories for a new dress, she always dresses fashionably and to the face, she selects cosmetics that are dull, but always high-quality and expensive, emphasizing her natural attractiveness.

Snezhanna is outwardly cold and indifferent to fans, but this is not so, a real storm is boiling inside this woman. She is characterized by abrupt mood swings, she is impulsive, succumbing to an outburst of passion or momentary mood, can make rash decisions, the consequences of which often cause her disappointment and depression.

Snezhana may agree to intimacy with a man not to satisfy a passionate desire, but simply to spite someone, or in an effort to prove something to herself, to feel confident in her feminine strength and attractiveness.

However, such hasty decisions are rarely correct, and after several meetings, getting to know her chosen one better, Snezhana often feels confusion and disappointment.

After several failed attempts, she is more attentive to the choice of a partner, prefers strong, self-confident men who can satisfy all her needs in love games.

Most often she marries the military (especially if she was born in the summer) or people in high positions.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Aquarius, Taurus.


The sound of the name Snezhana gives the impression of something good, beautiful, simple, smooth, kind, bright, joyful.

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