The oldest restaurants in Europe

The oldest restaurants in Europe

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When traveling across Europe, tourists will certainly want to get acquainted with the local cuisine. So it's worth checking out the list of the continent's most ancient establishments.

Sobrino de Botin, Madrid, Spain. This establishment has got into the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest restaurant in the world with a continuous operation. The institution appeared in the capital of Spain in 1725. Then a large stone oven appeared there, which still works. Initially, it was just a tavern at an inn, which eventually transformed into an independent cafe. They say that at one time an unknown novice artist Francisco Goya worked as a waiter here. In the middle of the last century, Ernesto Hemingway visited the restaurant. He immortalized a glorious establishment in his novel The Sun Also Rises. Although the restaurant is very popular with tourists, the food here is actually quite good. From the assortment of dishes, it is worth highlighting cordero asado - tender roast lamb.

St. Peter Stiftskeller, Salzburg, Austria. This "Cellar of St. Peter's Monastery" claims the right to be called the oldest restaurant in Europe. Its current owners claim that the establishment appeared within the monastery a very long time ago. The first mention of what they ate here dates back to 803. The motto of the modern restaurant is “Hospitality 1200 Years”. However, there is no documentary evidence that the institution has been operating continuously all these years. Today the restaurant offers monastery cuisine, noticeably transformed by the imagination of the chef. Despite the high prices, tourists are satisfied with the quality of food and service.

La Tour d'Argent, Paris, France. This institution is fighting for the right to be called the oldest in the capital of France. The Silver Tower is located in the Latin Quarter. The owners of the restaurant claim that it opened at the end of the 16th century. Only in written sources, the first mention of it is found only at the end of the 19th century. Today the "Silver Tower" is a truly legendary institution for Paris. The restaurant is famous for its unique wine collection, which includes about half a million bottles. The wine book alone weighs 5 kilograms. The house's signature dish is duck cooked in its own blood. Here many celebrities ate it, from Charlie Chaplin to Vladimir Putin. Just for the right to visit a historical place and enjoy the service and dishes of French cuisine, you will have to fork out.

Le Procope, Paris, France. This establishment is officially considered the oldest in the French capital. The restaurant Le Procope was opened by a native of Sicily, Francesco Procopio, back in 1686. The history of this place is literally teeming with interesting events. First of all, women were not allowed here for more than a hundred years. The restaurant is known for its cutting-edge experiments, it was almost the first time in Paris that they began to prepare coffee, then they began to serve frozen whipped cream, which later turned into the famous delicacy - ice cream. The restaurant was a favorite place for free-thinkers and intellectuals. Voltaire liked to sit at Le Procope, drinking forty cups of coffee a day. Today his table is available to order. The restaurant will remember the philosopher Diderot, the revolutionaries Danton and Marat. And the young lieutenant Bonaparte left his hat here as a pledge.

A La Petite Chaise, Paris, France. This humble establishment also boasts of its age. The restaurant is located in a house that is 400 years old. Since 1660, French wines were sold there, and an appetizer was also offered. So the tavern was born on this place. Legends say that in the 19th century the famous detective Vidocq often visited it; he even made some of his high-profile arrests here. So food tourists should definitely visit this place. It is said to serve the best onion soup in Paris and lamb tenderloin. A restrained classic interior reigns inside, and prices do not bite. Business negotiations are often held at the restaurant at lunch.

Zur Letzten Instanz, Berlin, Germany. No one disputes the fact that Zur Letzten Instanz is the oldest restaurant in Berlin. It only remains to find out in what year it was opened. The restaurant is mentioned in documents dating back to 1621, but the owners claim that their establishment at that time had existed for at least half a century. This place received its modern name "Last Resort" only in 1924. The fact is that there was both a courthouse and a cemetery nearby. What exactly the name is connected with remains unknown. Legend has it that in the court two peasants had a long trial, and in a restaurant over a glass of beer, they eventually concluded an amicable agreement. The restaurant also appeared in the domestic cinema, under the signboard "Rough Gottlieb", the audience saw it in the tape "Seventeen Moments of Spring". The interior decoration resembles a tavern; inside there are places for 120 guests. There is also a beer garden for 50 people.

Rules, London, UK. The oldest restaurant in London is housed in a typical British style house. The first visitors came here back in 1798, initially it was an oyster bar. The institution received scandalous fame a hundred years later, here King Edward VII met with his numerous girlfriends. Today, a room has survived in which the monarch indulged in his amorous pleasures. Another attraction of the institution is the room of Charles Dickens, who loved to dine here. The establishment was also frequently visited by the famous intelligence officer and writer Graham Greene. Guests of the restaurant are advised not to philosophize with the choice of dishes and order something natively English - pudding or pie. Fans of a variety of dishes can be advised to try here the best Windsor soup in the city, partridge stuffed with nuts and dried apricots, pates and venison. The interior is reminiscent of a Victorian mansion. The walls are hung with prints and paintings. Rules has become a meeting place for the bohemian London public, where you can meet artists, designers, models.

Tavares Rico, Lisbon, Portugal. This is the most expensive and chic establishment in the city and also the oldest. It appeared on the map of Lisbon at the end of the 18th century. The restaurant received a Michelin star for the quality of its European cuisine. But this is what determines the high prices in the establishment. Here you can enjoy not only food, but also interiors. Gilding and wall mirrors reign everywhere, and huge crystal chandeliers hang from the ceiling. Only guests should know that it is better to order some dishes in advance.

U Fleku, Prague, Czech Republic. In the capital of the Czech Republic, they have long known a lot about delicious food. Several restaurants here are afraid for the right to be called the oldest in the city. We can safely say that the most popular restaurant in Prague is U Fleku. A tavern appeared at the brewery, which has been operating since 1499. In 1762, the brewery was bought by Jacob Flekowski, who gave it its current name. In this place, you can still order a branded dark 13% beer, here in general only this kind of drink is offered. Czech dumplings, goulash or cheese are perfect as a snack. However, numerous tourists can spoil the pleasure of food. Those who decide to dine here will have to listen to the performance of a folklore ensemble, an accordion. The pub's capacity is impressive - about 1200 people. At the same time, prices here are higher than in other Prague similar establishments, and beer is served in portions not in half a liter, but in 400 grams.

Zum Franziskaner, Stockholm, Sweden. This restaurant is the oldest in Sweden. In 1421 it was founded in Stockholm by Germanic Franciscan monks. Today, tourists can sit in spacious halls and order a meal from predominantly German cuisine. Usually people choose sausages with beer. But gourmets don't come here, the main guests are tourists. After all, the main thing here is history. The food itself is not very tasty, and the prices are frightening. So many simply take pictures against the background of a remarkable facade and move on.

Hostaria dell'Orso, Rome, Italy. Italy itself is capable of conquering the gastronome, and such restaurants are real pearls of the country. Hostaria dell'Orso is located in a building dating back to the 13th century. According to legend, Dante Alighieri stayed in this restaurant, and the stern Pope Boniface VIII, the poet's sworn enemy, dined here. The great writer François Rabelais and the ideologue of selfishness, philosopher Michel Montaigne loved to feast at Hostaria dell'Orso. Today the renowned restaurant offers dining in a romantic classic setting. Live piano music often sounds here. The interior is decorated with stylish elements and paintings. The cuisine is mainly Italian, using the freshest ingredients. The restaurant is often visited by married couples.

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