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They say that unshavenness only adorns a man, making his appearance more brutal. After all, they want, pressing against the cheek of a loved one, to feel the soft and delicate skin, and not the hard prickly stubble.

Many families even struggle to shave or not and how often. Men themselves are puzzled over the best way to shave - with an ordinary razor or an electric one? It's amazing how such a simple question generated so many controversies and myths around itself.

Only a razor shave can be truly clean. Don't underestimate electrical appliances. In fact, no machine can shave as cleanly as an electric one. Electricity has long ceased to be just the driving force of razors, today it drives them. A modern electric shaver is a small computer. And comparing it with an ordinary machine is like putting an abacus and a calculator on the same scales.

Shaving with an electric razor is afraid of water. When shaving, water and electricity are no longer afraid of each other. The current electric shaver feels equally good with dry shaving or with foam. The developed Aquatec technology allows a person to choose how best to shave. You can do this dry, or you can use a gel or foam. The environment that is more familiar and more comfortable for a person will also fit for a modern electric shaver.

Ingrown hairs appear due to the electric shaver. This is not true, because modern devices not only cut hairs, but also know how to lift them. The famous Super Lift @ Cut double-blade system lifts hair to the best height for shaving. What kind of barber would fiddle with every hair of his client?

It takes getting used to an electric shaver. Do not be afraid that at first the electric shaver will irritate the skin. This is a purely individual question. And manufacturers do not stand still, constantly improving this aspect of their products.

The electric shaver requires special care. The lazy shopper can look for Jet Clean technology in the description of the shaver. Such a razor can take care of itself. The device will carry out three operations at once - the shaver will be cleaned, the blades are lubricated, and the battery is charged. At the same time, you can even choose one of three cleaning modes - from intensive to energy-saving. You just need to put the device on the base and wait a few minutes. The shaver will be ready for use again soon. Each new morning can be greeted with a clean and ready-to-serve device.

Electric shavers have such bulky heads that they simply cannot accurately follow the contours of the face. And again it is argued that this task is available only to mechanical tools. In fact, 3D technology has long settled in electric shavers. In this case, we are not talking about a picture, but about the device's ability to follow all the curves of the face, working in different planes and dimensions. As a result, the simultaneous operation of three shaving heads resembles some kind of fantastic movie. These discs converge, bend, and diverge. As a result of this clever design, the shaving surface is always in contact with the face.

You don't need a screen for a razor, it's just a decoration, like the scars on your face. One has only to operate the razor through the display once, and the question immediately appears: how did you do without it before? Dealing with the screen will not be difficult for anyone. In addition, it will always show how much battery power the device has left.

An electric shaver will not work for those with a beard or mustache. If the beard is really thick, like that of a hero from epics, then an electric razor really won't help. But supporters of normal frequent shaving cannot find a better assistant. The presence of a trimmer in the device will allow the mustache, beard and sideburns to give any shape. With the help of an electric shaver, you can turn any facial hair fantasy into reality.

An electric shaver is not for everyone. This myth says that depending on the bristles, any electric shaver can pass. However, some shavers have UltraTrack. Each head has separate grooves, slots and holes for short, medium and long hair. For such a razor, it doesn't matter how often its owner shaves, how quickly the bristles grow and what style a person prefers - shaved cheeks or light bristles. Modern devices with this technology will remove any vegetation, doing it carefully and quickly.

Electric shavers consume a lot of energy and often need to be recharged. Typically, charging such devices takes about an hour. It is enough, in turn, for an hour of continuous shaving. But the average person spends so much time in total for a whole month of such a procedure. And if a man decides to grow a beard, then a charged electric shaver can wait as long as 20 days until the owner finally decides to use it. This is how long the device lives in standby mode.

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