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The term "feminism" itself appeared in English in the 1880s. In those same years, radical feminism arose, which is trying to assert a female position in all spheres, including intimate.

Society accepted these ideas, it is no coincidence that such a phenomenon as sexual harassment has developed in America. Feminist activists are mainly interested in the third world.

But in general, society's attitude to the phenomenon is more negative. Over the decades, many myths have developed about this phenomenon, which must be debunked.

Feminism is a woman's business. Almost the main apologist for liberal feminism is John Stuart Mill. This 19th century philosopher is considered one of the founders of liberal feminism. In his 1869 work "The Subordination of a Woman", he argued that her powerless state is a relic of the past and hinders the development of society. The book did not go unnoticed, becoming a high-profile event. There was a lot of controversy over its content, the work was immediately translated into many languages, including Russian. And the hairstyled women that appeared in the 1870s were read by Mill. But you don't have to be one to support women's rights. Feminism seeks to ensure equal rights for people of both sexes. Most of us believe that men and women have equal rights; patriarchy or matriarchy cannot be distinguished. Thus, we all support feminism.

In protest, feminists are organizing public bra burning. This colorful history dates back to 1968. Then American students protested against the Miss America pageant. At the same time, a sheep was jokingly crowned, ladies' magazines, like shoes, curlers and corsets, were thrown into the trash. For the sake of effect, the girls wanted to burn their bras too, but abandoned such an idea for reasons of fire safety. But the idea itself really liked the journalists. So in the New York Post there was an article "Bra Burners", the headline sounded romantic, but also frightening. So the myth of feminist addiction to fiery actions was invented by the media.

Throughout human history, women have been discriminated against. The theory of female oppression that has become the foundation of modern feminism lies within the framework of Marxist ideology with oppressed and oppressive classes. Women were classified as oppressed, and immediately there was one who ruled - a man. In general, the theory of class struggle from Marxism was transferred to the war of the sexes, many details were copied so accurately. The myth of female discrimination was formed almost simultaneously with the teachings of Marx, in the second half of the 19th century. In our time, very few people believe in this.

Today, women are still discriminated against. Currently, neither in Western countries, nor in Russia, there are no legal or official restrictions that would indicate female discrimination.

Women's living standards are lower. In developed democratic countries, the life expectancy of women is 6-7 years higher than that of men. This suggests who has better living conditions. For example, almost everywhere there are centers and programs to protect women's health. But are there many similar analogues for men? The state spends two to three times more money on supporting the health of women than on men. Labor, criminal and other legislation always contains norms that make it easier for women to work or serve their sentences.

Women are being abused everywhere. Women do experience violence, but men experience the same. Statistics generally show that, on average, men experience two to three times more acts of violence than women. Home accidents remain an important issue. It is often said that women constantly suffer from violence from their husbands or lovers, the most dangerous place in this case is the home. In practice, in relation to each other, women and men perform the same number of physical influences. Moreover, women are three times more likely to commit violence against children. But, being married, women risk less than other groups.

Women receive lower wages for the same job. This statement is incorrect. If women could really be paid less for the same job, then only they would be hired. And the lower wage level relative to men is due to the fact that women, on average, work less than men. In addition, they more often go to night shifts, perform risky tasks and with increased complexity. Eloquent is the fact that 10 times more men die in production.

Women are removed from power. According to the laws of democratic countries, any citizen from a certain age can be elected and be a voter himself. According to statistics in America and Russia, it is women who are the most active voters. The Goskomstat of Russia cites data that in 2003 women accounted for almost 70% of all federal authorities.

Women are forced to live in a male world. In any civilized country, there are tens, if not hundreds, thousands of government and public organizations designed to protect women and their rights. 60-75% of all social spending is usually spent on them. We are talking about measures for labor protection, education, medicine. In local government bodies, in medicine, courts, trade, education, the majority are women. Eight out of ten gender-specific magazines aren't for men. How many television and radio programs are there for women? Could they, in a male-oriented world, make 80% of all purchases in stores?

Women do all the household chores. In fact, men and women do about the same amount of housework. Typically, responsibilities are divided into male and female. Supporters of feminism, discussing all the hardships of women's work, for some reason, forget the other side. With the help of such tactics, it is not difficult to mislead people, as well as to diminish the importance of the second party's responsibilities in the public eye.

Women are forced to raise their children alone, as men abandon them and refuse to pay child support. The situation is not so tragic at all, because in 80% of cases, women are the initiators of the separation. And in 90% of cases, they prove through the court the right to stay with the child. Do not forget that the woman has an exclusive right in the field of reproduction. It is only for her to decide whether to give birth or not, the father's opinion is not decisive here. Moreover, he may not even be informed about the birth of a descendant.

Women and men are by nature equal. This principle underlies the entire movement of feminism, it was even supported by some representatives of science. And the statement justified the very essence of the struggle, because according to it, women could do everything the same as men. The theory held that gender differences have social origins. Initially, a person is born asexual, but, thanks to upbringing, becomes a man or a woman. There are also some intermediate views, according to which there are still gender differences, but they do not in any way prevent women from mastering male professions. If this does not happen, then it is solely through the fault of the ossified patriarchy. It's good that over the decades, a lot of research has accumulated on the psychological and physiological difference between the two sexes. Scientists have shown that in the first months of life, fundamental differences in the psyche begin to appear. It turned out that sex hormones play an important role in the formation of personality.

Feminists hate men with a view to suppressing them. It is foolish to say that feminists hate men fiercely. Expressing such an opinion is an attempt to find an enemy to justify the difficulties of life or to justify one's shortcomings. In this regard, a disdainful attitude towards women is no different from hatred of Jews, Old Believers, Gypsies, emigrants, communists, LGBT people and other dissidents. It's ridiculous to say that a certain threat is hanging over the strong half of humanity. First of all, this "half", men, is still less than 50%, and should the "strong" complain about their lives?

Feminists who get equal rights later regret it. The main thing that people need to understand, and women first of all, is that the current gender equality has been achieved through the efforts of activists, undertaken for decades. First, it was about the spouse's right to inherit property, then the right to vote, the right to education at all levels, from secondary to higher. Women received the right to engage in science. An important achievement was the ability to make an exceptional decision about planning and terminating pregnancy. Women gained the right to sexual pleasure without procreation motive. Not all of this has taken a firm place in the minds of the average person. And the use of such rights must be accompanied by a certain culture, both on the part of the person himself and society as a whole. And what woman will regret achieving the rights to the above?

Divorced feminists raise children in an atmosphere of hatred towards men. Is it always feminism to blame? Don't divorced women, being offended by their former spouses, do the same? Many try to restrain themselves and not feed their children with their negative feelings, but willy-nilly it happens. Children have to take an irreconcilable position towards the parent who left the family, in favor of the one who remained with them. And the point here is not at all that feminists especially set someone up. The departure of the father from the family generally turns into public censure. Most often, children stay with their mothers. And it turns out that the father abandons the child, and, it turns out, the mother suffers. A huge responsibility falls on her shoulders, and the alimony paid cannot reduce or replace it. A woman has to raise a child and work. In such a situation, it is difficult to maintain tender feelings for the one who caused the situation. Children see all this with their own eyes.

A striking representative of modern feminism is the Femen group. This group became famous thanks to its scandalous actions. They are called classic modern feminists. But the Femen women just want to prove that the female body belongs to her. It is necessary to be naked not at the request of the man or by necessity to feed the children, but when the woman herself wants. In a society with patriarchal roots, this awareness is difficult. Girls are taught that they are going to become wives and mothers, not wondering if they want to. If a woman deliberately decides to abandon her family and children, then this is perceived as a perversion and a crime. But young men, as future fathers, for some reason no one brings up. The very same group Femen originally fights for women's rights, but feminism in general is much deeper.

Feminists are aggressive, masculine women who don't want to start a family. Violence is a style of behavior more characteristic of men. They are less empathic than women. There are no women among the famous dictators and murderers of millions. In Russia alone, from 5 thousand (officially) to 50 thousand (independent sources) women are raped annually. And who is to blame for this? Termination of pregnancy is not the responsibility of men with mental and physiological problems, but two parties are to blame. It is not men who play a major role in raising children. It is women who prepare breakfast, dress children, feed their families, do their homework, soothe and caress. Men isolate themselves by giving up such worries and living in their strange world. Getting rid of such loneliness is the main task of feminists. One should not be afraid of them, but of the fact that changes will not occur.

Feminists want women to rule the world. This myth is fairly common. But feminism is not a struggle for the superiority of women over men, but only for equality. One of the earliest manifestations of this struggle was Olympia de Gouge's Declaration of the Rights of Women and Citizens during the French Revolution. The activist stated that if a woman has the right to climb the scaffold, then she should also have the right to climb the podium. True, that revolution never gave women the right to a political voice. In his constitution, Napoleon generally stated that only men can have civil rights. The American Declaration of Independence, which stated that all people were created equal and endowed by the Creator with the same rights, for some reason attributed all the advanced principles only to men. When humanity took its first steps towards equality and brotherhood, for some reason they forgot about women. It was against this background that suffrageism, the movement for equal suffrage, was born. Today it seems natural, and yet entire generations have fought hard for their rights. Throughout the history of feminism, there has been no talk of the seizure of power and the establishment of matriarchy.

Feminism is not needed for modern countries. Some say that feminism made sense in the century before last, when women really had no say. Today the movement is relevant for third world countries, but why is it for modern countries? In fact, there are many problems that are not far-fetched. One of them is violence. In the world, up to 70% of women die at the hands of sexual partners. And that's just what the statistics know about. Even in prosperous Europe, in some countries, one in four women have experienced domestic violence. It should be borne in mind that not everyone reports such cases yet. And many do not understand at all that rape by a husband is also a crime. Back in 1736, an English judge made a decision that for 250 years defined the legal concept of "marital rape." The lawyer considered that the husband could not be held responsible for the rape of his wife, since she was given to him and could not refuse anything. It was only in 1991 that a British court found this principle inconsistent with modern views. Then the sentence of the man who raped his wife was upheld. Another field for feminists to work is compliance with adopted laws. They often remain on paper only. Social stereotypes about relations between the sexes are too strong. To exercise your rights, you should at least know about them. And you really need courage to get what you deserve from men.

Feminists are unhappy women, homosexuals, or even lesbians. It seems that if a woman already has a loving spouse, then she does not need feminism at all. But statistics prove this is a myth. It turns out that feminism is not only the lot of losers, such beliefs are quite compatible with happy heterosexual relationships.And even more, men in relationships with feminists reported more stable relationships and greater sexual satisfaction. At the same time, they managed to debunk the myth that feminists cannot be popular with the opposite sex. Husbandry, on the other hand, has come to be associated with feminism due to its radical offshoot. In the 1970s, in Holland, activists generally pinched men for their private places, thus being responsible for the infringement of their rights. In fact, this is not a struggle, but the most natural fascism. There is also censorship, praise of chauvinism, search for the enemy, standardization of appearance and way of thinking. The Society for the Total Extermination of Men even tried to kill Andy Warhol, but there was only one activist. And the conflict between Valerie Solanas and the artist began not for ideological reasons, but because of personal differences. After the assassination attempt, radical feminists began to extol their ally, demanding her release and calling her a brave fighter for women's rights.

The feminist movement is powerful and consistent. Many are afraid that the familiar world with its values ​​will be destroyed thanks to feminists. Do not think that feminism is a powerful and integral phenomenon. It is full of disagreements. There are more than three hundred different definitions of this term in the literature. But who will understand the difference between liberal feminism and socialist? But there is also a postmodern and psychoanalytic direction. It is much easier to form a certain collective image, endowing it with the features of a monster and criticizing. Indeed, there are extremes. For example, in Sweden, the Left Party has proposed a tax for men on domestic violence. But this is pure discrimination. On the other hand, in Spain, the socialists proposed lowering taxes for women and raising taxes for men, but it was the feminists who opposed it. In general, the movement unites those who do not allow discrimination against women and the coercion of them to a lifestyle determined by only one gender. It's just that different currents see in their own way a tool for achieving their goal.

Feminists have equal respect for all women. Feminists are fighting patriarchy and all those who support it, be they man or woman. Both sexes are equally responsible for creating this form of society. Just as not every person can be a patriarch, so not all women support equality. Some promote regressive ideas that women always and in everything should yield to men, that without them the survival of humanity is impossible. Feminism aims to eradicate such thinking. At the same time, those women who want to see matriarchy in society are also under fire.

Feminism is bad for men. Many men are ready to take up arms to protect themselves with just one mention of feminism. Despite the fact that the movement advocates equal rights for women, it helps men themselves. Feminism has put an end to gender divisions in society. Men get the opportunity to resist the stereotype of the need to be the breadwinner. Freedom from prejudice helps you get rid of vulnerability and become happy.

Feminists want an easy life. Feminists are clearly aware of the difference between equality and privilege. Women do not need to make their life easier, they want a chance at freedom, just like men. It's unfair to point someone at the door just because the person is of the wrong gender. Feminism does not demand privileges, but what is due.

Male feminists are traitors to their own sex. Male feminists often face the anger of people who accuse them of betraying their gender. They are even considered gay for no reason. But maintaining a woman's rights does not mean going against the laws of nature or betraying your gender. Supporting gender equality is the norm for any reasonable person. Feminism is not a war of two sexes. Is it necessary to be of the same gender to help someone?

Feminists don't believe in marriage. A continuation of the idea of ​​hatred of men is the myth of hatred of marriage. Feminism does not at all reject such an institution. Belief in him is a personal matter, regardless of involvement in the protection of women's rights. Feminists oppose unequal marriages, which are common, for example, in India. And so these are ordinary people who may well want to live with someone and start a family. That's just the partner will be required to get rid of their prejudices in favor of a particular gender.

All feminists are preoccupied with their careers. Feminism does not consider a woman who has chosen to devote her life to family and home to be oppressed or backward. It is respectable, as is a career in the aggressive corporate world. These pseudo-feminists equate freedom and modernity with careers. In fact, the main thing is the woman's choice, whether she wants to wear a bikini or a hijab. Feminism is about supporting free decision. Everyone should have equal rights. Likewise, there will be support for men willing to devote themselves to homework. Let there always be a choice and an opportunity to make it.

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