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Roller skates are an amazing invention. So it's time to dispel the myths about roller skating.

You need to take rollers with shock absorption that will not jump on bumps. In modern models, softness and shock absorption are achieved through plastic wheels, a soft insole and a plastic frame. Manufacturers of roller skates do not install any more additional anti-cushioning systems.

You need to choose skates with a metal frame, it is the best. No wonder they say that the best is the enemy of the good. The metal frame is really designed for a faster ride, which is achieved by the larger wheels with a diameter of more than 80 mm. Only now, not all people, especially beginners in this sport, can cope with the rapidly growing speed. As a result, this leads to trauma and psychological discomfort. That is why, when purchasing your first rollers, it is much more important to pay attention to other characteristics, without paying fundamental attention to the metal frame.

For the first skates, it is better to take a "seven" or "nine" bearing. People often turn to sellers with just such a request. But buyers simply don't understand the meaning of their request. In different price categories, products are given a digital designation. It corresponds to the speed limit. Three are children's videos, five are basic adults, but seven or nine are high-speed ones. This digital indicator is directly related to the accuracy of machining bearing parts in accordance with GOST, but has nothing to do with the quality of the lubricant or material. That is why it is impossible to focus only on this indicator. It is better to purchase products of well-known brands, where bearings of good quality will already be standing.

It is worth buying a universal model with which you can ride both in the rain and on a bad road. First of all, it should be said that roller skating in bad weather is generally undesirable. After all, dirt, sand, moisture are those risk factors that will only accelerate bearing failure. It is worth taking care of your equipment, then the rollers will last longer without repair and replacement of parts. So the choice of a universal model for its incorrect operation is simply meaningless.

We must take rollers with rubber wheels. Often the buyer is looking for just such wheels, considering them more durable and quiet. But today, almost all manufacturers put polyurethane wheels on their models. This material is also silent, durable and flexible. You can't call it perfect. But then the best wheels must be especially wear-resistant, fast, and provide good grip. True, then each of them would have cost about $ 10, and that's not counting the bearings. So it's no surprise that manufacturers put less expensive options in their fitness videos. And the wear of the wheels is determined by the quality of the polyurethane, as well as the intensity of use and its peculiarity.

The best wheels are helium wheels. In fact, it should be said that wheels are not prepared from either gel or helium. Initially, roller skates were generally equipped with rigid PVC wheels. But when driving on asphalt, they made a loud and rumbling sound. Today, a much more modern and technologically advanced material is used - polyurethane. Its appearance, especially without color fillers, is translucent. That is why they talk about gel, considering the wheels to be "helium".

It is necessary to choose a model of roller skates with fasteners and without lacing. About ten years ago, hard plastic models with clasps were on the market. Today, fitness rollers have become much lighter, more comfortable and more comfortable, and they are produced with a soft lace-up shoe. The laziest ones can spend money and buy themselves high-speed rollers, on which the lacing can be fixed in one motion.

We must look for a model with special ventilation holes. Today, in the manufacture of roller skates, special technologies and materials are used. The fabrics in such products are both moisture-conductive and breathable, they fully provide air circulation. But holes and nets have long been performing just the function of a design element, in other words, they are just for beauty.

Roller skates can cause flat feet and poor body shape. It is worth remembering that flat feet is a congenital and hereditary disease. The videos cannot generate it in any way. Those children who already have flat feet can also roller-skate, if there are no contraindications from the orthopedic doctor. Do not be afraid that skates will pump up the muscles on the hips and ruin the girl's figure. Such claims are unfounded.

You cannot lose weight with roller skates. In fact, this is an excellent way to lose weight, which the fair sex should remember. Just half an hour of intensive skiing will help you burn out 280 calories. Is it a lot or a little? The same amount of energy will be burned in an hour lesson on step platforms. But it's better not to try to set records right away. At first, skiing will be unusual and especially costly. So it's better to start getting into the rhythm gradually, delimiting your workouts in time.

Roller skates are not needed at all - this is a traumatic sport. It is "thanks" to this myth that many do not try to get on the rollers. It seems that there is a great risk of breaking your arm, leg, or even your neck. Of course, the possibility of injury exists, but it is worth thinking sensibly. Skating, if practiced correctly, perfectly develops endurance, agility, coordination, and helps to maintain good shape. And skating is actually no more dangerous than football. And as a family outdoor activity, ice skates are a great solution.

Inline skate owners do not need protection. It seems that having bought rollers, you can already run faster with them into the street. Protection? Let cowards and newbies use it. However, most likely after a couple of serious falls, anyone, even an arrogant person, will start thinking about purchasing protective ammunition. If we are talking about a child, then is it worth putting him in danger at all. Protection will be needed at the first lessons, it will come in handy even after a person learns, as it seems to him, to ride well. It is no coincidence that every skate manufacturer also produces protection kits. The main thing when choosing it is the degree of protection, personal convenience and of course the price. The kit usually includes elbow pads and knee pads that protect the most vulnerable places in children. There is also a special protection for the wrists, which will protect the wrist from impact and the wrist from dislocation. The most common injuries while riding inline skates are dislocations, fractures of the wrists, bruises. And here there is no reference to the riding style or experience - just when falling, a person instinctively stretches his arms forward. A helmet serves to protect the head. And although this piece of equipment is often forgotten, it is especially important for children.

You can roller-skate everywhere. In fact, it is better to choose places where there is relatively flat and dry asphalt. It is best if there are fewer cars and dogs nearby. And skaters love to ride alongside like-minded people. True, in cities such places are usually few. In Moscow, these are the All-Russian Exhibition Center (former VDNKh) and Poklonnaya Gora. The last place is generally a favorite for Moscow skaters. Here the asphalt is excellent and you can ride for free and at any time of the day.

You can buy good videos at a low price. No wonder the desire to save money on the purchase of a new and not entirely clear. However, this habit can end up sideways. There are roller skates on the market at a price of $ 15-20. But such offers of obviously Chinese products are not worth it. Not only will these skates cause a lot of inconvenience, but soon you will have to go to the store again for a better product. More or less reasonable prices start from $ 50-70. Such roller skates will be, if not the best, they will not rattle and crumble. But in the world of rollers, these products are considered low-grade and really cool stores do not sell such products. These skates are suitable for those who want to ride the street a couple of times a week without any special professional plans. But decent skates start at $ 120. Prices hover around $ 270 on average. Naturally, we are talking about fitness models, aggressive ones are even more expensive. So there are really inexpensive roller skates on the market. But is it really worth underpaying in matters of pleasure?

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