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In California, there is the San Francisco County, whose center is the city of the same name. He survived several serious earthquakes, in 1906 San Francisco was completely destroyed.

But today the city is a recognized world tourist destination. We will try to debunk them.

San Francisco is a big city. San Francisco is considered one of the most famous American cities. Therefore, it seems that it occupies a large area, like other metropolitan areas. In fact, the actual dimensions of the central core are 7 by 7 miles. The same part of Chicago is 234 square miles. The area of ​​the city is often referred to as the area of ​​its bay. The very same populated area occupies a small part.

The city has the nickname San Fran. Locals do not like very much when their city is called that. They themselves do not use this abbreviation. An excellent and generally accepted alternative is the short “SF”. San Francisco is also called the City by the Bay, simply the City. But Frisco is an outdated nickname, also already unfashionable and even somewhat offensive.

The city is home to millions of people. The city seems to be a large metropolis; in fact, even less than a million people live in it. As of 2013, San Francisco had 840,000 inhabitants. In terms of population density, this city is the 14th in the country. Even in cities like Austin, Phoenix and San Jose, we don't know much about it.

The high-speed metro BART is the main city transport. This system serves not only the city, but also the vast area of ​​the San Francisco Bay. The high-speed metro connects airports, workers and medium-sized towns on the belt, docks with the suburban railway. There are only eight stations directly in the city. The townspeople themselves rely more on trams and buses to move between destinations. One of the railway lines of the tram is ground-based, historical trams run along it, and the second line runs partially underground.

All citizens get to work by cable car. There are only three cable car lines. The cabins on it are very similar to the tram. That is why San Francisco is associated with the cable car. Two tracks run from north to south, and one runs from east to west. These routes are small. They do not provide a passenger flow, but such trams are fun for tourists to ride.

It's always sunny and warm in San Francisco. Inhabitants of California are seen surrounded by palm trees, in shorts on the sand under the rays of the warm sun. The city's climate is influenced by the ocean that surrounds San Francisco on three sides. The climate here is similar to the Mediterranean, the average temperature is 18 degrees, which is less than the indicator of the neighboring continental one at once by 10 degrees. The fact is that it is here that the Pacific Ocean is marked by cold currents. The highest temperature recorded here was only 39 degrees. And the average temperature in September is even lower than in Moscow. But cold water and warm land create the famous local fog that envelops the city for several days in summer.

Summer here comes off schedule. This myth appeared to the phrase: "The coldest winter I had to go through was in the summer in San Francisco." It is mistakenly believed that Mark Twain spoke it. It is really foggy here in summer, but in September-November it is quite warm. True, frost may occur in the evening. But the townspeople spend their free time in parks and lawns.

San Francisco is constantly shaken by large earthquakes. Large earthquakes are rare here. The most notable ones happened in 1906 and 1989. At the beginning of the 20th century, a natural disaster destroyed the entire city, after the flood, fires began. 75% of residents were left homeless. Already in our century, the epicenter of the earthquake was located much further. Then the roads were mostly destroyed, many even had to be demolished. Small earthquakes often occur in the city, there are several hundred of them a year. The intensity is usually the same as if a loaded dump truck had passed through the window. However, most residents have an evacuation plan in case of a sudden cataclysm.

San Francisco is part of Silicon Valley. The entire San Francisco Bay Area is home to high-tech industries. However, Silicon Valley is an area south of San Francisco. This is where the headquarters of the most high-tech companies that emerged from the boom of the 1990s are located.

On weekends, San Francisco residents travel to Los Angeles. This doesn't happen as often as it seems. Between the two most famous cities in California, a full six hours drive, and that's not including traffic. This state is still rather big.

There are gays and hippies in San Francisco. A wide variety of people live in the city. You shouldn't see passers-by either gay or hippies. But they undoubtedly made a great contribution to the formation of the city's image and its utopian spirit. Today it is the most populated city in the world for sex minorities. It is believed that every 7-10 residents are gay. The liberal city attracts sex minorities from the conservative province. In addition, in the 1960s, San Francisco became the real center of the hippie revolution. Musical directions flourished here, free love reigned, people used drugs. Since then, a lot has changed, in the 1990s dot-com companies came to the city, there were many more "white collars". In general, the city is multifaceted, uniting different subcultures. The housing crisis has significantly affected the demographic appearance of San Francisco, today the white population is less than half here.

Due to the hilly terrain, many city dwellers refuse to use cars. This statement is only partially true. On the one hand, the congestion of cars makes it difficult to clean the streets. And there are frequent cases of car robberies. In modern megacities, getting to a place by car will not always be faster than by public transport. And with this service in San Francisco, everything is fine. True, the presence of a car in townspeople is often justified by the opportunity to leave the metropolis for the weekend.

There are many dogs in the city. It turns out that in 2012 there were really a lot of dogs in San Francisco - 120 thousand. This is even more than children under the age of 18. There are about 105 thousand of them in San Francisco. It was not always like this, the city just turned out to be expensive and inhospitable for many families who did not dare to have children here.

During the 1906 earthquake, martial law was declared. It is said that because of the marauders, the authorities declared martial law, ordering soldiers to mercilessly shoot the marauders. Then, allegedly, hundreds of robbers were killed. In fact, immediately after the disaster, the mayor of the city issued a proclamation in which it was written in large letters about the execution at the site of the marauders. And the police and the army really got the right to do this. However, there were few reports of such killings, mostly circumstantial evidence. Only five were charged with murder, but they were acquitted.

During the 1906 earthquake, many people died. The fires and destruction have killed 478 people, according to police reports. This is how many bodies were found in the ruins. But speculation in a few years "rounded up" this number to three thousand.

The residents immediately fell in love with the Golden Gate Bridge. The bridge initially disliked the residents of San Francisco. Then it seemed to them that the structure would hopelessly disfigure the view of the strait. But life has shown the fallacy of this view. Now the Golden Gate Bridge has become a real symbol of San Francisco.

Coit Tower was built especially for tourists. This tall building is one of the symbols of the city. The tower is located in the Park of Pioneers at the very top of the Telegraph Hill. It really offers a great view of San Francisco. This is why Coit Tower is a favorite tourist destination. But it was not originally built for them. Initiated the project by Lilly Hitchcock Coit in 1933. The eccentric lady acted as a volunteer assistant to the fire department. She had some kind of abnormal attraction to men in red. She went with them to the fire, treated them as a nurse, paid tribute to the victims. According to her will, she left a large sum for the construction of the tower in the form of the tip of a fire hose.

The waters of the San Francisco Bay are teeming with sharks. It is believed that it is the sharks swimming around Alcatraz Island that stop the prisoners from escaping. In fact, the bay is home to 11 known shark species. But they are small and do not pose a particular danger to people. Nevertheless, great white sharks sometimes appear in the bay. Researchers who tracked 179 of these predatory fish between 2000 and 2008 found that five of them deviated from their usual route and passed through the Golden Gate. How long they stayed in the bay is unknown. But these are isolated cases, which should not be feared.

The Golden Gate Bridge is painted every year. This bridge is attracting increased attention. Some people think that it is painted annually, while others - that every seven years. In fact, the bridge has only been painted twice since its construction in 1937, both for non-cosmetic purposes. It's just that during the planned repairs, the bridge was also painted. As needed, some "bald spots" are periodically retouched.

It is difficult for a professional employee to find a job in San Francisco. This city is one of the best to work in. But there are not so many qualified personnel here. It is worth remembering that the city is one of the centers of high technologies. As a result, there are even more jobs than qualified employees. There is a vacuum in the labor market. Recruiting companies use literal guerrilla methods. In an attempt to attract the best, high cash bonuses are assigned.

In San Francisco, bars are open all night. They don't walk around the clock here, the fun ends at 2 am. The license to the sellers of alcohol until this time is allowed to trade. In fact, visitors are denied service even earlier.

In San Francisco, you can swim in the ocean. The usual temperature for the city in the ocean is 12-14 degrees. That is why if they swim here, then only in a swimming suit. A cold current comes to San Francisco from Alaska. It is cold to swim in the local waters of the Pacific Ocean even in summer. It's good to walk next to the ocean, just don't forget about a warm sweater.

All townspeople have a progressive mindset. Many African Americans have moved to the city from Auckland. Today, even in the very center of San Francisco, you can find homeless people. They became a real problem in the 1980s. Many programs have been undertaken, but the problem has not been finally solved. So, not only educated white collars live here.

To live in San Francisco, you need to lead an alternative way of life. There are many things in San Francisco that annoy ordinary people. But recently, alternative lifestyles have moved to the north or east of the Gulf. Anyone can find himself in the city, no matter what religion, art style, sexual orientation he adheres to.

Only rich people can afford living in San Francisco. Housing here is not cheap, but affordable for people with good jobs. The average rental rate for a one-bedroom apartment is $ 1,885 and for two bedrooms it is $ 2,358.

It's hard to make new friends in San Francisco. They say that a person here is forced to constantly be in a large group of people close in status. But meeting someone new here is much easier than anywhere else in California. The city provides many opportunities for self-realization. Why not attend an art exhibition or take part in a marathon? There you can surely meet extraordinary personalities.

The city lives on high technologies. Tourism is the core of San Francisco's budget. The city is often shown in films, it is mentioned in music and pop culture. So guests come here to touch the legendary places. Among all American cities, San Francisco is the fifth most visited city. About 15 million tourists come here annually, leaving 7.5 billion dollars here.

There are many large enterprises in the city. 85% of all companies in the city have no more than 10 employees. Since 1977, the number of giants with a thousand or more employees has halved. There are no large supermarkets here either - the city gives a chance to prove itself to small businesses, which provide the treasury with most of the income. The mayor's office even imposed restrictions on the construction of supermarkets in certain areas, and residents supported this decision.

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