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A secretary is an office worker with a wide range of responsibilities from receiving phone calls (receptionist) to assistant manager (personal secretary).

A modern secretary is usually required to have the skill of working with a personal computer, knowledge of foreign languages, communication skills, culture of communication, punctuality and accuracy.

To work as a secretary, you do not need to have special knowledge, abilities, anyone can work for him. Not certainly in that way. To work as a secretary, you do not need to graduate from a university, it is enough to complete specialized courses. The secretary courses cover not so little: the study of business communication, ethics, speed reading, practical psychology, office work, typing, stenography courses, gaining the ability to handle office equipment, mini-automatic telephone exchange, skills in 1C. In addition, psychologists point to the importance of such qualities as: a person's ability to feel others subtly and to adequately respond to the behavior of others, resistance to stress. Psychologists call this set of qualities "emotional intelligence". Not everyone succeeds in this, they do not teach this at the university, it does not depend on the mental intelligence of a person.

The secretary must be a tall, leggy beauty. Her task is to decorate the office. Pretty good enough. Since the secretary is the business person of the company. Therefore, he must necessarily have a sense of style, the presence of good taste. It is the ability to dress beautifully, to speak competently, to behave in society in accordance with the elementary rules of business etiquette that forms the first impression of the company among clients. Business partners, first communicating with the secretary, intuitively decide whether they will deal with this company or not. The head of a business structure, who cares primarily about the prestige of his company, will never put a beautiful but incompetent girl in the waiting room. It is advisable to organize the work of the chief and the office - one of the many duties of the secretary.

Working as a secretary is easy. You just need to answer calls, make coffee, submit documents for signature. No, it’s not. Representatives of this profession often face overwork, constant reorganization of their schedule in accordance with the schedule of the chef. Working as a secretary is often emotionally exhausting. When there are not many things to do, which happens very rarely, they are often loaded with additional work, for example, the functions of an office manager, etc. And if the boss is in a bad mood, the secretary is the first to fall under the hot hand. Besides, a good secretary is the peacemaker of the company, she is able to prevent a possible "storm". This, of course, is not in the service manual. But the degree of relationship between the secretary and the leader depends on the ability to "take a punch". In addition, the secretary must be able to find a common language with the team, maintain equal, business relationships with all employees, not singling out anyone. In addition to this skillful psychological work, the duties of the secretary include conducting business correspondence, planning the boss's working day, answering all kinds of calls, receiving business partners, monitoring the work of the reception, and sometimes the entire office.

The secretary is an "errand girl" for the fulfillment of the "desires" of the company, the figure of the secretary in the company is not decisive. The secretary, who has managed to gain the authority of the team and the boss, becomes a kind of "gray cardinal", invisibly, but can significantly influence the work of the company as a whole. Often the manager turns to the secretary for advice, and it is the executive who makes the final decision of the boss. He is often better informed about the affairs of the company than the chief and his deputies, and can give correct, balanced advice in time. The secretary sets the tone for each working day, indirectly affects the head. For example, a well-organized workplace, timely delivery of the necessary information facilitates the work of the boss.

The secretary has no career opportunities. The profession does not imply a promotion. This is partly true. The leader will keep a good secretary by his side. The boss will in every possible way ignore requests for promotion if he is confident in his employee and knows that he can be relied on under any circumstances. So professionalism and dedication can play a "cruel joke" with an employee. On the other hand, these very qualities can become the basis for career growth. The secretary on duty has to participate in all processes in the company, and this is a very important acquired life experience and a great start in the future. There are many examples when, after working as a secretary, people became businessmen, high-ranking officials, and top managers. In addition, a qualified secretary in our time can earn quite good money at the level of a major top manager.

Secretary is a woman's profession. Men don't work in such positions. Mostly women work as secretaries. This is due to the fact that emotionally women are more flexible, it is easier for them to adapt to mood, habits, boss character, to resolve conflicts, etc. However, men are also able to cope with the duties of a secretary. Many large firms give preference to the stronger sex, renaming the position from "secretary" to "assistant manager".

The secretary profession is one of the most demanded in the labor market. Yes it is. Any company simply needs a person who would keep track of all the documentation, meet customers, serve coffee, and protect the chief's office from unwanted visitors. In addition, it was the "calling card" of the company.

Any secretary is the mistress of the manager for whom she works. This is an established myth. Everyone around him is sure of him, except for the boss and the secretary. A professional is distinguished by the fact that if he does not want this type of relationship, then this will not happen. Although office romances are not so rare. It so happened that the boss and the secretary spend a lot of time together at work, go through all the difficulties of the business, so informal relationships often arise between them. But it is better not to reduce the existing distance between the boss and the secretary in the interests of the company.

The secretary must constantly smile. Yes it is. After all, no one wants to see a sad, aggressive or shy employee. The position of the secretary obliges to treat everyone who appears on the boss's doorstep, kindly, with a smile, and politely escort visitors unwanted to the boss. There are even special trainings that teach you to smile when you need it.

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