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The evil eye is an impact carried out by someone through the use of negative energy or negative information (both verbal and non-verbal). The termination of the mentioned influence (removal of the evil eye) is carried out by healers, witches, healers and magicians through the use of various kinds of conspiracies, aromas (sandalwood, incense, myrrh, rose), as well as some objects and substances (egg, wax, knife, etc.) ...

The idea that with the help of a glance it is possible to harm, originated in primitive times, when people believed in various spirits, capable, according to our ancestors, to control any area of ​​human life (birth, hunting, illness, death) and all natural phenomena (flood, thunder, lightning, etc.). According to the ancients, it is the eyes that perceive and reflect the world that are the receptacle and "mirror" of the soul, the "door" for its entry into the human body at birth and exit after death.

Through the same "door" various spirits, both good and evil, could penetrate into a person, which directly influenced the quality of the individual's gaze. The so-called "evil eye", harming everything with which he came in contact, was believed to be a consequence of the presence in the human body of a large number of evil spirits. The presence of good spirits was manifested in an attractive, kind, "enchanting look."

In many myths, the image of the eye appears, which is associated with some natural phenomena (for example, the Sun and the Moon), as well as with the presence or absence of power in its owner. For example, in the Egyptian legend about a god named Horus, it was said that when, during the battle with Set, he lost his eye, this led to a loss of power, and only by taking his eyes off his opponent, Horus could restore the lost strength.

The image of the eye, which is present in many Egyptian frescoes, Tibetan religious images (tankas), some Christian icons, etc. is a symbol of the Eye of God, which gives protection and protection.

You can jinx a person unconsciously. Indeed, such a possibility exists - people who have the so-called. "evil eye" can harm almost any person or animal on which their gaze concentrates for some time. Sometimes it is enough that a person with strong "dark" energy will show a pronounced negative emotion towards someone (envy, get angry, offended, etc.) or simply displeasure. Excessive admiration and compliments lead to about the same result. However, there is also a deliberate evil eye, when a person is aware of his abilities, and uses them to the detriment of others quite consciously.

Almost anyone can jinx. This is not entirely true. The evil eye can only be sent by people who have an innate ability to destructively affect others with their negative energy, as well as who have a tendency to manifest certain emotions (envy, greed, anger, selfishness, etc.). But sometimes ordinary people are also capable of jinxing - provided that the object of influence of this kind is much weaker energetically, is very sick or is in a stressful situation.

The evil eye and damage are synonyms. No, these are different types of energy impact, although some types of spoilage are a lot like the evil eye. But, firstly, the evil eye, unlike corruption, is rarely the work of a professional magician. Secondly, damage most often has a blocking effect on the energy shell and the processes of energy exchange with the world and other people, and the evil eye has a destabilizing and destructive effect. He imposes a certain negative program that negatively affects the state of the psyche or any organ. According to experts, a strong evil eye is more similar in effect to a curse than to damage, and it is much easier to remove it, and in some cases it is not necessary, since, unlike damage, the evil eye can go away on its own.

Our ancestors knew how to identify the owner of the evil eye. In different peoples, this property was attributed to people with different external signs. For example, in Russia, representatives of certain nations were feared - Tatars, Karelians, Mordovians, Finns, and especially gypsies. They were also afraid of cross-eyed, people with sunken, bulging or multi-colored eyes, with twitching eyes or eyelids. And if the mentioned signs were combined with ears of a strange shape (for example, large and hairy or with adherent lobes), yellowish skin and the absence of teeth - such a person was definitely ranked among those who are able to jinx. The evil eye was also attributed to women who did not cry. And the inhabitants of the countries of the East believed that one-eyed people could jinx.

Dying people can jinx their relatives. Indeed, there is a belief that a person, upon whom the last gaze of a dying person fell, will not live long. The same fate will befall one of the people attending the funeral if the eyes of the deceased open or open (in order to avoid this, dimes are placed on the eyes of the deceased, which are then transferred to the coffin - under the pillow). In order to protect yourself from this kind of influence, you should wash yourself with talked water, read the prayer "May God rise again" and certain conspiracies.

Knowing a person who is energetically damaging, you can protect yourself in the future. This is a fairly widespread opinion, because people often turn to healers, psychics and magicians with a request to indicate the "energy enemy". But not everyone can use this knowledge with benefit. More often than not, people who have this kind of information begin to fear the "offender" or feel anger, hatred and other negative emotions towards him. This state of affairs only aggravates the problem - after all, it is fears and negative emotions that are the "door" for various kinds of energy influences, a "magnet" for life's troubles and troubles, as well as the source of many psychosomatic diseases. In addition, magicians and psychics, like all people, are not immune from mistakes, and sometimes they can make mistakes when defining an "energy enemy". As a result, an innocent person becomes the object of fear and hatred - and in this case, most of the negative emotions return to their originator, only aggravating the deformation of the biofield. Therefore, it should be taken into account: knowledge of who exactly is sending the evil eye or causing damage is useful only when a person is ready to forgive the offender from the bottom of his heart and wish him all the best. Otherwise, this kind of information will only do harm.

There are many ways to identify the evil eye or damage. Yes, moreover, different peoples had their own, sometimes very original methods, allowing not only to reveal the presence of a negative energy impact, but also to determine who and when produced it. For example, in Persia, a handkerchief soaked in urine was placed on the head of a person who was supposedly affected by the evil eye or damage. When, upon subsequent drying, the fabric acquired a certain shade, it was judged on the presence or absence of a negative effect. For the same purpose, in Turkey, the patient's urine was heated over low heat. The boiling point of the liquid was a sign of the evil eye. To reveal the personality of a person who sends damage or evil eye, a piece of cloth torn from the clothes of a potential "energy aggressor" was set on fire in Ireland. If a person sneezed at the same time, he was considered guilty. If animals suffered from the evil eye or damage, it was necessary at the dawn of a certain day to throw a needle into fresh milk and boil it. According to legend, a person who had a negative impact on livestock had to immediately appear on the doorstep and ask the owners for something. The Indians, determining the type of evil eye (damage), the day of exposure and its author, made a certain kind of calculations: they added the numbers corresponding to the alphabetical numbers of the letters of the mother and child, and the resulting amount was divided by 7. If the number was divided without a remainder, the negative impact was made on Friday if the remainder is one on Saturday, two on Sunday, etc. The nature of the impact, according to the Hindus, depends on the day of the week in which it was made (for example, the evil eye could only be harmed on Saturday).

It is easiest to jinx small children. More often than not, this is true. Therefore, according to legend, the child should not be shown to anyone (in some countries - even to the father and close relatives) before baptism. According to the inhabitants of Germany, cats should not be allowed in the nursery (sorcerers who can seriously harm the baby can turn into these animals). In addition, it was believed that up to a year, both the child and his mother (especially if she was breastfeeding) were most strongly connected with the other world. For this reason, within 40 days after giving birth, a woman was not allowed to visit temples. But the first and last children in the family, under the age of one year, according to legends, had good energy, and could, for example, heal from sciatica, simply by stomping on the patient's back.

Most often, successful and famous people are exposed to the evil eye. Yes, since artists and politicians, due to their activities, constantly appear in front of large crowds of people, carefully contemplating them, they are more often than others exposed to the mentioned influence. Sellers, teachers and simply beautiful, successful and wealthy people are also "gazed at".

By some signs of animal behavior, one can determine that they have been jinxed. According to legends, such signs really existed: "smoothed" animals lose interest in food, become sad, apathetic, tremble, sweat. Chickens exposed to negative effects can jump on the wall or unexpectedly fall to the ground, as well as carry spoiled eggs, pigs - incessantly squeal, eat any food indiscriminately (even attack poultry), but do not gain weight. Dogs become aggressive, they even begin to rush at their owners. Cows exposed to the evil eye, according to the inhabitants of Germany, begin to give milk with a reddish tint, or their milk curdles, not even having time to turn sour.

By changing the physical and mental state of a person, one can understand that he has undergone the evil eye. Yes, there are symptoms of this kind. Children exposed to the evil eye suffer from insomnia, headaches, various kinds of seizures and seizures, nausea, constantly screaming and crying. Also, signs of this energy effect are lack of appetite, pallor, excessive sweating, intense fever, poorly palpable pulse, sudden weight loss (with an unchanged diet). The presence of the evil eye in an adult is evidenced by a state of growing anxiety and melancholy, increasing irritability, panic attacks, fear of sunlight, church ministers, the name of Jesus Christ and the saints, holy water and prayer. Also, the effect of this kind is manifested in general weakness, drowsiness (insomnia), increased fatigue, dizziness, the appearance of severe headaches that do not go away even after taking various medications. Such a person often catches a cold, has a gray complexion, loses interest in food, or vice versa - eats a lot, but at the same time loses weight, etc. However, it should be borne in mind that in some cases, these symptoms may be signs of any physical illness or mental disorder, as well as the result of a different kind of energy impact - damage or curse. Therefore, only an experienced specialist can determine exactly what exactly is happening to a person.

You can protect yourself from the evil eye by following certain rules of behavior in society. It is believed that the possibility of suffering from the evil eye can be significantly reduced by avoiding excessive openness in clothes, taking closed poses (i.e. crossing arms and legs, clasping hands, or at least crossing fingers) when meeting with a person capable of jinxing. While in church, you should not turn your head and scrutinize the parishioners. In addition, contact with envious people should be minimized, and when listening to praise from someone, bite the tip of your tongue. It was possible to get rid of the gypsy evil eye by washing with prescription water.

Various objects can perform the function of amulets from the evil eye. It really is. The most famous is the Gorgoneion (from ancient Greek - "belonging to the Gorgon") - a mask depicting the head of the Gorgon Medusa and placed on the facades of buildings, coins, household items in order to protect against the evil eye. This is the most famous type of apotropayon (ancient Greek. "Image that removes damage"), a caricatured ugly image that caused both laughter and fright and, in Plutarch's opinion, distracting the evil eye of the ill-wisher from a person or a building. Similar terrifying masks were used by many peoples of antiquity (Peru, Thailand, Ancient Egypt) to protect against evil forces. In Russia, images of the Gorgon were also used - they were carved on the reverse side of the "serpentine" amulets, and on the front side of the mentioned amulet there was an image of the Virgin, the Archangel Michael, etc.

Small icons, always carried with you, prayers written on a belt that was worn under clothes, crosses were considered to be strong amulets (and it was believed that it was not worth taking a cross as a gift in any case). In order to protect the child from the evil eye, a fig carved from wood was placed in the diapers or in the pocket of his clothes. Various plants and fruits (garlic, dried flowers collected on Trinity, St. John's wort plucked on the night of Ivan Kupala), horseshoes, nesting dolls with an odd number of figures, a broom put with the handle down, etc. were also considered to be very effective protection. Sometimes, as a talisman, women used their favorite jewelry, "charging" it (that is, on a certain day, having read the necessary conspiracy over the thing, or by passing it crosswise over the flame of a candle, dipping it in holy water, then in salt and holding it over the flame of a candle repeatedly, accompanying their actions by reading a certain prayer or spell).

Some objects (cracked dishes, broken or chipped mirror, worn slippers, other people's clothes and shoes), on the contrary, have properties that "attract" negative impact. And the image of fish can "call" into the house not only the evil eye or damage, but also representatives of the thieves' workshop.

By turning to religion, you can get rid of the negative energy impact. According to experts, regular visits to churches, prayers (and pronounced daily for several hours in a row) and some icons can greatly weaken the effect of one or another negative energy, but they do not always help to get rid of the evil eye or damage completely, especially if a person does reason is constantly exposed to the mentioned influence. Cases are described when, for example, staying on the territory of a temple or monastery for a long time, a person seemed to get rid of problems. But as soon as he left the monastery, everything started all over again.

It is impossible to learn to influence people with the help of a glance - this ability is only innate. Misconception. There are many methods to develop gaze power.Exercises of this kind are divided into strengthening the muscles of the eyes, developing a solid, fixed gaze (for this, they draw a black dot on a sheet of paper, fix it on the wall, and fix their attention on it for a long time, or periodically transfer attention from the point to the corners of the room and back, etc.). and that enhance the insight and attractiveness of the gaze (these exercises are performed by sitting in front of the mirror and looking your own reflection in the eyes). Also, adherents of tramak yoga pay a lot of attention to the education of the gaze. Having mastered the above exercises, you should learn to concentrate your consciousness and fix your gaze correctly (when communicating face to face - on the bridge of the nose, if a person has his back to you - you need to look at his head).

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